A multimode radio/cell phone

An unusual dual-band, multi-mode, mobile radio is supposed to be on display at Dayton. The rig supports DMR, D-Star, C4FM, and has a slot for an LTE SIM card. There’s more about it here.

The article also links to a Ham-modified TYT HT which now has D-Star, P25, and System Fusion. More here.

Raspberry Pi upgrade?

According to this link, there is now a way to incorporate a vacuum tube on board a Pi. Appropriate for today’s date? Well, the objectives seems sound.


Also see this link, from Germany. They’ve taken the matter a bit further into nostalgia.


The VGS-1: not your father’s voice prompt

Based upon personal experience, Kenwood voice synthesizers are well designed and easy to use. They offer a unique and useful combination of (1) frequency announcements on demand, (2) automatic frequency reports after changes in  VFO, band, and/or channel, (3) instant, audible assistance with menu navigation, and (4) announcements by the VGS-1 of the function keys and options.

Further details are here.

Also, other brands’ have similar, modern, synthesizers. They are discussed here.